Flight Cancellations Have a Silver Lining…Sometimes

I was headed back to Dallas from Phoenix after attending an amazing SilkRoad users conference #silkroaduc.  After a great presentation on #talentnetworks and meeting some incredible people such as @recruiter_gee @hrbartender, and many others.  But as luck would have it, storms passed through Dallas, my first flight was cancelled, my second flight was delayed and 5 minutes late…you guessed it.  As good American Airlines flyers do, they start to bark and moan about the lack of customer service.  I started talking to one guy whose name is Mark, a Systems Engineer for a defense contractor in Fort Worth. Mark and I start talking, we end up at the same hotel and decide to grab a bite to eat.  In the interest of building my network and being the recruiter that I am, I began to dig into his past.  Mark spent 25 years in the Army.  He told his dad that he was headed to the Army when he was 16.  Talk about focus.  After talking about his military training and moving around the country as an RF Engineer, he began a stint as a Drill Sergeant.  Needless to say his career was interesting but this is where it gets good. Drill Sergeant is a mindset that takes the nicest person in the world and turns them into the meanest SOB for two to three years.  Mark told me that he would pick the biggest  and meanest looking recruit and focus on making his life miserable to the point of tears on the first day.  He did this with every recruiting class and his methods never failed.  What I already knew but he confirmed is that the Drill Sergeant has an agenda:  To take a group of people and turn them into soldiers.  The job of a Drill Sergeant is that simple.  The pride and satisfaction that I saw and heard as he told several stories of how he turned boys who came in with zero confidence  then by the end of Basic Training..men who could do and would do anything they put their minds to.  Absolutely incredible The principles are the same in Talent Managemen and Talent Acquisition.

  • We are lured in by Recruiters and hiring managers who sell the culture and opportunity
  • We tell the recruits that the future at this company and the potential to grow in the job and with the organization.
  • Once the recruit signs on the dotted line, we train and immerse the new employee into the culture then provide them with the tools for success.
  • As the employee grows and is promoted,  s/he becomes more confident gaining skills not used before
  • With each new rank in the organization, they are put to the test to see iff they can handle their new assignment
  • Companies place that employee into their succession plan because they show potential and have already been promote

And in the end, the employer wants the employee to “sign on the imaginnary dotted line” again so that they make a career move and stay with the company until it is time to retire  or seek a new life outside the organization.   Even though my day took a detour, I got to meet a great guy who told great stories and who knows how to make a difference in a person’s life.


About Superrecruiter

Strategic corporate recruiting leader based out of Dallas, TX finding A level talent faster than a speeding search string and able to build successful partnerships and measure results yielding excellent results! Michael Goldberg leads a corporate recruiting team focusing on Trade Show, Conventions, Audio Visual, Staging, Lighting, Video, Hospitality, Hotel AV, Creative, Experiential Design, Marketing Strategy, Face-to-Face Marketing, and Corporate related positions.
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