It is Ok to Have Whoops Moments…No Matter What You do

I have been on vacation this week.  When we travel we like to stay in nice hotels that deliver the finest in customer service and can almost guarantee a great customer experience. This trip was no exception – the #RitzCarlton.  If you have not read The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company by Joseph Mitchell, I strongly encourage you to do so.  It applies to everything we do even in Talent Acquisition.

On my trip I encountered the Ritz Carlton Service I had read about first hand.  Interestingly enough it was a whoops moment on their part.  Here is a brief synopsis.  As lounge on my beach chair, we are approached by a server, Brianna.  As Brianna was taking our order, a thunderstorm is approaching the island but is still about 5 miles away.  She didn’t hear or see the storm approaching until I said something to her about the flash of lightening I just saw.

Without a beat she went catatonic, threw of her ear piece and as she walked away said “sir excuse me, I will have someone else take your order” and she was gone in a flash (no pun intended).   My family just looked at each other and thought that was just about the strangest encounter we had ever experienced at this hotel.  Fast forward, another server comes, takes our order, but by then the storm is closer and we go inside.  Storm passes through and 45 minutes later we are back on the beach

Suddenly Brianna is back and when I look up she says, “Mr. Goldberg, I am so sorry about what happened.  Last August we had a similar storm come through and I was on the beach when I was struck by lightening in the head.”.  All I could muster was “oh my gosh, I am so sorry”.  She went into a few more details, but the bottom line is she owned up to her mistake andexplained herself.  That took guts.

Brianna did not have toexplain anything but she did.

Recruiters and all employees no matter what their position is have whoops moments.  Yes even Presidential candidates have them.  But how many of you can be like Brianna and show the courage to admitting to poor service?  My advice is to admit mistakes and hold yourself and your fellow employees accountable for their service delivery to their external and internal customers.  You come off more professional and your customers will respect you more.

Bravo Brianna!  She made me and my family customers for life with Ritz Carlton.


About Superrecruiter

Strategic corporate recruiting leader based out of Dallas, TX finding A level talent faster than a speeding search string and able to build successful partnerships and measure results yielding excellent results! Michael Goldberg leads a corporate recruiting team focusing on Trade Show, Conventions, Audio Visual, Staging, Lighting, Video, Hospitality, Hotel AV, Creative, Experiential Design, Marketing Strategy, Face-to-Face Marketing, and Corporate related positions.
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