Here is a great tool that Craig Fisher @fishdogs told the #TNL Conference in Plano last Friday. I wanted to share the tool with you. The tool is This tool lets you search specific word, excel, powerpoint, and pdf documents such as resumes and spreadsheets.

These docs contain potential candidate names and user groups that will allow you to strike recruiter gold.

Let me know what you think


About Superrecruiter

Strategic corporate recruiting leader based out of Dallas, TX finding A level talent faster than a speeding search string and able to build successful partnerships and measure results yielding excellent results! Michael Goldberg leads a corporate recruiting team focusing on Trade Show, Conventions, Audio Visual, Staging, Lighting, Video, Hospitality, Hotel AV, Creative, Experiential Design, Marketing Strategy, Face-to-Face Marketing, and Corporate related positions.
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2 Responses to SuperTool:

  1. bill fischer says:

    it’s a nice tool but using Google Advanced search, it’s quite easy to specify document type and put in additional parameters to make it an even better lead generation tool.


  2. Gina says:

    Great! We follow @fishdogs too. This is a great tool! I’m sure we can utilize this in the future. I will be passing this along to my entire team.

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