Power of Partnership Means Everything

Partnership? What does that mean to you as a Recruiting SME?  Who are your partners? How do you partner with your clients/hiring managers?  As I prepare to speak with fellow tweeterss @sullivanmarkd (Mark Sullivan from Time Warner Cable) and @mverver (Marianthe Verver from Neospire) tomorrow at the #TNL Conference in Plano, I want to expand on the opening questions.

Who are your partners? OK, partnership may sound cliche’ but readers you need to know who they are.  Partners can come in all forms – hiring managers, clients, and peers.  Essentially, hiring managers are your clients, customers, partners, (fill in the blank) but are they different?  My opinion…yes.  Client/customers synonymous -they order or need something, you provide the serve and the relationship ends there.  Partners are those people who we continue to provide service based on understanding your partner, your partner’s needs and all  issues related to talent that keeps them awake at night.  Think of your partners as someone you have a long term relationship with and want to build upon.

Peers and Mentors are your partners too.  I rely on my network, my friends -@therecruiterguy, @fishdogs @ryanleary, and many more who are so knowledgeable to bounce ideas and share strategies.  @Imsosarah wrote a blog the other day – http://is.gd/eFWM0 – on mentors.  Her blog post inspired me to reach out to my mentor and thank him for what he has done.   Learn from them, share with them, and you have established a true partnership.

Creating the Partnership:  Traditionally, recruiters in most organizations are seen as order takers.  We might as well be working in a fast food joint flipping burgers. You have been to this rodeo before – I need a order of AP Clerks, must have AP skills, hold the bean counting and need a little data entry on the side.  Present 10 resumes of AP Clerks who look and sound pretty good to the hiring manager.  “ORDER UP!”

C’mon, really?  You are the recruiting expert.  Your company hired you to find top talent for your company.  Mark, Marianthe, and I believe that in order to be the recruiting partner you can be, you need to understand the business and the position.   How?  Have conversations with your hiring managers/clients BEFORE you start recruiting.  Sit down with them for 30 minutes or over lunch (you buy!) and get to know the hiring manager -what they like, dislike, ask about upcoming projects, find out why key skills are necessary.  The best sales people get to know their clients and take a consultative approach on how they can deliver products and services to their customers.  Another example is to anticipate the needs.  Ask for staffing plans and begin pipelining qualified candidates.  The best feedbeck comes when your client says we are ready to post and you say, here are 5 candidates.  By doing this, you are a step ahead of the client, you have created one less req, and your clients/hiring managers will be seeking you out and singing your praises.

How do I partner? Ask and answer the following questions…

  • Do you have a formal recruiting strategy?
  • Is it aligned with business?
  • Do your clients know that you have a recruitment strategy?
  • Are you involved in the workforce planning efforts?
  • Do your clients seek your advice about the candidates submitted or do they ask to “see all the resumes?”
  • Are you notified of positions before the req is opened or the request for it to be opened?
  • Do you know your client’s department and how it impacts the overall business?
  • Do you receive unsolicited compliments or praise on how well the process ran, quality of candidates?

Bottom line…Evaluate your relationships with the people you work with and for, get working on your partnerships, and don’t look back.

Let me hear some ways you build partnerships.  Feel free to comment.

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About Superrecruiter

Strategic corporate recruiting leader based out of Dallas, TX finding A level talent faster than a speeding search string and able to build successful partnerships and measure results yielding excellent results! Michael Goldberg leads a corporate recruiting team focusing on Trade Show, Conventions, Audio Visual, Staging, Lighting, Video, Hospitality, Hotel AV, Creative, Experiential Design, Marketing Strategy, Face-to-Face Marketing, and Corporate related positions.
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One Response to Power of Partnership Means Everything

  1. Richard says:

    One definition of an Alliance is: a close, collaborative relationship between two or more entities that share complementary assets and strengths to create increased value for their customers and their own organisations that could not be accomplished independently (see strategic-alliances.org)

    It is key that a trusting relationship is continually managed, built around strong governance as well as qualitative and quantitative measures. Creating the partnership above appears to be more what I would see as traditional account management, not an alliance.

    Other questions you should ask from an alliance perspective is:
    Do you have a formal alliance strategy?
    What is your joint value proposition (JVP) (what are your joint goals/objectives)?
    Is there an executive/board member engaged to ensure good governance on both sides?
    Who are the team involved to work ‘in partnership’ with to achieve the JVP?
    What are we jointly going to achieve that will directly benefit the end client?

    If you are a trusted ‘partner’ do you know about strategic decisions in advance before they are announced and what value do you provide by knowing that information?

    What are your true costs for sourcing and placing staff versus revenues for placement with that one organisation? Is there an opportunity to utlise a service model with a regular fee taking into consideration fluctuations – i.e. upturn in business, being prepared in advance with quality candidates; downturn in business/redundancies – assist placement of staff to new opportunities?

    There should be more of a tie in between the resource manager and recruitment manager – win-win.

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