Hi, I’m Michael Goldberg..You Know…Superrecruiter

In the great love story by Shakespeare, Juliet Capulet asks Romeo Montague, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” implying that a name is meaningless and artificial.  Well @juliecap and @romey, in social media and more specifically in Twitterville, our name describes a lot -brand, skills, style just to name a few.

I was at a social event at #prscamp where I met up some of my favorite tweeps such as @fishdogs, @blogging4jobs, @hotjobs_recrtr, and @jennydevaughn.  As I was being introduced to new great tweeps the introduction would go like this…

Introducer: “Michael Goldberg meet X, X this is Michael Goldberg.”

5 Second Pause trying to figure out who I am

Introducer:“you know @superrecruiter”.

BOOM! Within a millesecond, X would say “Oh, hey! Great to meet you”  So it got me thinking that my @superrecruiter tweets and branding had finally paid off.  I was somebody in the social media and recruiting world.  Now, my twitter name is on everything, even on a t-shirt.    If you are new to the twitter world or an old hat, you want to be sure you pick a tweet name that fits and works.  Many people use their first and last name.  Some people nicknames given early on in his or her life or recent nicknames due to a recent event.

In her book, “Tweet This!  Twitter for Business” @blogging4jobs (real name Jessica Miller-Merrell) recommends following these steps when choosing the name:

Brand Consistency – Select a username and profile that makes YOU uniquely stand out among other tweeters so there is no confusion.

Creativity: use a Twitter name that grabs the reader’s attention that leads them to your profile and entices the reader to engage you.

Stick to it: Stick to your twitter name if at all possible.  You can make changes but it could cause confusion among your followers going forward.

BTW, if you are not following blogging4jobs, you should be…she gets it!  Her book is great and it is a great resource for you or your company to read prior to entering the “Twitterverse”

How did I become @superrecruiter?  Easy…it was a nickname given to me a five years ago given to me by my coworkers and hiring managers for finding great candidates in a tough market.  They even took it a step further one day when I walked into my cube filled with Justice League superheroes plastered all over the place.  It stuck.

@blogging4jobs and I were speaking the other day.  She believes that she should go to the courts and change her given name to “blogging4jobs”.  So, would her child’s  friends call her Mrs Blogging4jobs?   A little extreme, but in 5 years, not so far-fetched as the more people drink the Twitteraid.

Finally, I started thinking about what our Founding Fathers tweet names would have been?  Here’s a few:  Ben Franklin- @specs     George Washington-@firstprez   Gunning Bedford, Jr.- @bigguns,  James Madison, Jr-@jimmymad

So how did you get your twitter name?  Submit a comment and let everyone know.

@fishdogs @blogging4jobs @twitter @jennydevaughn @hotjobs_recrtr


About Superrecruiter

Strategic corporate recruiting leader based out of Dallas, TX finding A level talent faster than a speeding search string and able to build successful partnerships and measure results yielding excellent results! Michael Goldberg leads a corporate recruiting team focusing on Trade Show, Conventions, Audio Visual, Staging, Lighting, Video, Hospitality, Hotel AV, Creative, Experiential Design, Marketing Strategy, Face-to-Face Marketing, and Corporate related positions.
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2 Responses to Hi, I’m Michael Goldberg..You Know…Superrecruiter

  1. Matthew Leon says:

    Very insightful, just started a twitter account today and if I had read this beforehand maybe I would not just be “mcleon6288”. Although it is an easy way to remember my email and has little significance time will tell how long it sticks.

    As a superrecruiter, I have a challenge for you. I am a recent college graduate from Purdue University in West Lafayette and am looking for full time employment. How can you recruit me?

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