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Hi, I’m Michael Goldberg..You Know…Superrecruiter

In this post, Superrecruiter discusses the importance selecting your Twitter name Continue reading

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Doubt Social Recruiting Works?

Ready to get busy living…are you behind the 8-Ball when it comes to social media and you need to show value add for social media…read on! Continue reading

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Mr Owl..How Many Resumes do you think R on the Internet?

Great question and great contest.  I received a lot of the same results Glenn did when he helped to get us started.  Resumes come in many forms – you tube resumes, linkedin profiles are resumes to me along with the … Continue reading

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Finding Candidates in my Backyard

As some of you know, I work for the leader in conventions and trade shows.  In my world, it is important to find candidates that have industry experience especially when hiring sales people.   While doing some research I found that … Continue reading

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